Thursday, 14 April 2016

Life Lately - Spring Edition

"Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back."
— John Green

Spring has sprung, people.. new life, new beginnings, florals and all the other cliches of a season hardly present in London. Thought it was a good time for a life update...


From emotional perspective, it has to be the fact I've been inspired and encouraged to do the things I love (understand writing here and generally sorting out my life). Can't really say how it happens, maybe try and spend some time with yourself without thinking or worrying about anybody else. Too selfish for you? Okay, I've also been loving my new personalised Stan Smiths. Prepare to see them everywhere. I am not even sorry.


I feel like this bit is all about moaning and I really don't want to bore you with that... Will only say I've been ill recently and poor health is both physically and emotionally draining. Count your blessings.


I have had a weird obsession with pink recently. Maybe it's the season and the general trend going on at the moment, but I am all about pink these days (mind you, I wear predominantly black so this is huge for me). I even bought a pink coat! Yes, for real and yes, you will be seeing it very soon. 

Listening to

Definitely check out Halsey - Castle and anything by Banks, suggesting Goddess as a start. I would do anything to listen to Banks live and I assure you, I will know every song by heart.


Currently reading a lot of Bulgarian literature and I recommend Georgi Gospodinov's Physics of Sorrow (Физика на тъгата). This is the *bold claim alert* best book I have ever read. And I will continue to reread it as I am alive, it will always give me something new, it will always "love me" back (refer to quote on top). He is a brilliant author and his books are translated in many languages, so no excuse here. If you have read it and you don't like it.. well, I don't like you and we can't ever be friends. 

Check out the book on the bottom left photo and if you understand what the title says, pick it up next time you're in a bookstore... 

Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned! 

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  1. Ооо, работите станаха сериозни!Castle си я слушам редовно вече близо половин година (МАС пуснаха колаборация с Halsey ;), но червилото е кофти цвят) a Banks e Goddess, текстовете са мммм, изобщо да я слушам наживо би бил адският кеф. Щом ти харесва тази музика, ето ти един поздрав - :)

    1. Ах, Arctic Monkeys и то класика <3 Най-любимата ми: :)))


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